Dogs and other pets are allowed only after prior information and agreement.

Price: Euro 3,00 per dog / night.

A blanket and bowls for the dog will be available free of charge on request.

Please contact us for prices and information with regard to other pets before your arrival.

Unfortunately, we can neither accept animals which are brought without prior information and written agreement nor more animals than stipulated and agreed with in the booking documents.

In that case, we will let you know the addresses of animal homes in the area.

We would like to mention that we can accept only so-called "family-dogs" which are used to living in an apartment or a house together with other persons.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate guard- or hunting dogs which are usually kept outside, on a chain or in a kennel.

Archie from Great Britain
The 2 stars from Wales
Alma from Italy
George from Great Britain
Alfie from Great Britain / France
Jay and Twist from Great Britain
Bingo from Germany
Ricky and Shiva from Germany
Jeff from Great Britain
Nele from Germany
























Kara from Germany

Kiwi from France
"Bruno" from Germany

"Joschi" from Great Britain



















"Linus" from Germany